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Thanks for the effort and attention you have put into this job, it's been very well executed and gratefully received :)

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NetPublish Hosting

What is NetPublish?
Portfolio NetPublish lets you turn your Portfolio catalogs into searchable, real-time-updated websites, without knowledge of HTML required. Use the wizard-like interface to build powerful sites that include image search, collection baskets, and batch-download capabilities. Portfolio NetPublish makes it easy to share files with clients, potential customers or even distributed team members via the Web.

What versions do you provide hosting for?
We currently offer Extensis Portfolio NetPublish 7 and Extensis Portfolio NetPublish 8 hosting

What software do I have to buy to host with you?
For NetPublish 7 you need to own a licensed version of Portfolio Netpublish 7
For NetPublish 8 you need to own a licensed version of Portfolio Netpublish 8 5-user. You also need to provide us with your serial number so this can be verified with Extensis. This requirement is part of our license agreement with Extensis to provide NetPublish 8 hosting without the need for you to purchase Extensis NetPublish 8 Server (Approx £3,500!!!)

Click a package below for more information or to order :
NetPublish 7 Entry
NetPublish 7 Standard
NetPublish 7 Enhanced
NetPublish 8 Entry
NetPublish 8 Standard
NetPublish 8 Enhanced

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